Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We Both Are So Excited 'Cause We're Re-u-nited, Hey Hey

Upcoming in a couple weeks is my 20th high school reunion. I went to a very small school, down in Major Metropolitan Area—so small, in fact, that until recently there were no “ class reunions” per se, just a big dinner once a year with all living alums invited at once. We did, however, have 40 odd people in my class, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing them. My Shady Grove School reunion a few years ago filled me with jitters and anxieties, because, well, my life there had been full of anxieties and jitters. But my high school experience was overwhelmingly positive, if decidedly weird, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing old faces.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the school website yesterday to see who’s RSVPed—and found only my best friend from those days, and myself. That’s it. And, BFFTD is the reunion organizer. So, for all practical purposes, I’m the only one who voluntarily agreed to come. What does that mean? Do they all know something I don’t? Is it considered really uncool to show up for school reunions? What happened to all the rah-rah school spirit types?

In consultation with BFFTD, we’ve cancelled the planned catered meal and will instead be going out to Aramando’s, the three-booth pizza joint equidistant from our childhood homes where we spent many hours (after Emma and Georgio, who made better pizza down the street, retired). Maybe we’ll play some tapes of Mad Hatter, our Clash and Sex Pistols cover “band” (loosely defined) of that era. I wonder what everyone else is doing that’s so damn important.


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