Monday, December 12, 2005

Small city games

Several winters back, I played great game with a young woman in my neighborhood. It’s a long story, how we emailed for months without succeeding in meeting each other. Despite walking the same route around the neighborhood almost every night, we somehow kept failing to connect. Eventually I started leaving subtle messages around in public, to see if she’d find them (the first, a note inside an empty carton of her preferred ice cream flavor, duct-taped to a street sign, took her two weeks to notice.) Later, when we still hadn't crossed paths, I emptied my change jar into a plastic bag, hid it in a tree on a street corner, and started leaving notes stapled to telephone poles with tips on how to find it. It took her a while, but one night she excitedly emailed that she had found five pounds of coins in a tree, and a note instructing her to take it to a specific supermarket and use a particular machine to exchange the silver for bills. Hidden behind the machine was another note leading to a bit of a goose chase, but finally ending up with us meeting for a very nice dinner at which we spent the $73.27 proceeds from the jar.

Now my change jar has nearly refilled, and I’m itching to hide it in a tree again. I have an notion to challenge a fellow blogger here in town to find it. Again, someone I haven’t met… but, judging from her posts, she seems the type to go in for such antics. And readers could follow the action from both sides. Any suggestions on a new kind of hunt to create? It has to challenge my powers of stealth, and the other's powers of observation...


Blogger Katinka said...

Hmm...I seem to remember in 'Aimele' the heroine left a trail of photos of herself in disguise in places that he regularly frequented. Someone once left me flowers on my car every day for a week...all of purple hue. (of course, there's always the risk that it could come across as the work of a stalker!:P) Personally, I think the Boo Radley/ To Kill a Mockingbird approach is appealing, or maybe you could leave her a cryptic note, asking her to meet you up a certain tree at a specific time and day?

12/17/05, 12:57 AM  

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