Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Open Letter to Mr. Blogger

Dear Mr. Blogger:

I am writing to complain about my treatment here at Some while back, you began rejecting my submissions, without comment. Each post I attempted to place on my blog resulted in long delays, blank screens, and error messages. This abuse went on for weeks.

Now, I understand that “my” blog isn’t really “mine” anymore than “my” house is “mine” (currently, “my” house is 13% mine, and 87% the bank’s.) BUT, this is no excuse for throwing my efforts in the dumpster.

Finally, things got so bad that my fans or fan decided I must have abandoned my blog. Then, when I wasn’t looking, a friend commandeered my blog altogether. Yes, yes, I gave her the password (she already had keys to my/the bank’s house, so I figured, what the hell.) And, in the final straw, some anonymous someone suggested today that maybe I ceased writing because I feel unloved. Unloved! That, Mr. Blogger, is the level of crumbled despair to which you have reduced me. Now I am standing up. I want my dignity back! I want my ego back! I want my love back! I WANT MY BLOG BACK!

Thank you for your attention,

Turbo G.

P.S. Isn’t it sort of funny, when you think about it, that the bank lets me give keys to the house to anyone, without their permission? Shhh….


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