Friday, February 11, 2005

1% Vermont

After a snow-bound night in a crappy motel, I stopped in this morning at an independent bagel shop en route to work. There was a little sign on the cash register: "99% OF OUR SUPPLIERS ARE MAINE-BASED. (1% VERMONT)"

I love New England. Most Americans probably lump Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont into one conglomerate image of covered bridges and red barns. We know differently-- each Northern New England state has its own personality, and its own priorities, and knows very well that the others are just not as good (we won't even mention the southern New England states). 1% Vermont may be all a real Mainer can tolerate-- just about the right percentage to add a little flavor. The rest of the country tolerates 1% maple syrup "Log Cabin" concoctions on their pancakes. 1% Vermont may be all anyone can stand. It's too pure to take it straight.


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