Monday, September 29, 2008

More Partial Fulfillment

Back in my post about "where I thought I'd be", I also mused that "After a few years of observations I would build some cairns across the meadow to indicate where the sun would set at the solstices and equinox."

Well, I have no meadow, or places to build cairns, and you can't see the horizon in any direction from my house. But I was delighted to read some posts over at the Vigorous North (here and here) noting, and photographically proving, that my own street is lined up on a perfect axis with the sunset at the equinoxes. This seems improbably due to chance. The street ends at a bluff looking roughly west, the street grid in my neighborhood is skewed about 30 degrees from the grid of most of the rest of the city, and the streets are long enough that a few more degrees either way would abolish the equinox effect. These facts lead me to believe that this was done intentionally. And it's pretty cool.


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