Monday, July 02, 2007

26 sometimes says that living in the Smallish State is like being in an abusive relationship. For some many days, for so many months of the year, it's just bad. It's mean, it's cold, it's ugly, it's depressing, sometimes it's physically painful. Any sane person thinks about leaving, maybe even does leave for the Virgin Islands or Taos or North Carolina. Yet we come back, because when it's good, it's so good. Even if it's only a handful of days a year.

This is how one of those good days ends: A pastel sunset, and almost-full moon, an indigo sea, lush green islands, and a little bright-red wooden catboat dancing across your bow. It's hard to leave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jealous now. . . .

7/9/07, 6:51 PM  

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